About us

About Us

We are Patrick & Francesca Lemon (but you can call us ‘The Lemons’).

For the past seven years, we have ran our own successful small business, which we built from the ground up.

As small business owners we all face the same dilemmas. From no time to work on our online presence, to not enough hours in the day to make products, fill orders, handle accounts and follow up inquiries. The list goes on!

It is challenging & tiring enough being a small business to start with,  let alone one in today’s trying times.

More than ever we feel small Aussie businesses need a leg up. A platform to come together, learn from each other, support one another & thrive. Because together we are stronger.

A platform that puts Makers needs above all else; no risk to join; no sign up or subscription or listing fees! A marketplace with all the very best Australian made & owned products. Now why wouldn’t Makers want to be a part of that? Why wouldn’t Aussie consumers want to support & get behind that?

We have something other platforms don’t have. We have heart & we have an understanding. Unless your a small business owner yourself, your not going to understand the amount of blood, sweat & tears that goes into running a small business. It’s the air you breath, it’s your life, your livelihood, your passion. We get that!

Through The Maker Hub we aim to help small Aussie Makers to be able to have hope for the future. To be able to keep making & creating whilst growing & thriving, by taking the hassle out of setting up, managing and marketing an online store. We bring the customers to Makers whilst they get back to making.

It is our primary goal to see Australian boutique businesses grow and thrive.